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Have you tried pulling yourself into the uncaring void


when cassie likes all your posts at once.


genericAnomaly: Tumblr
genericAnomaly: is recommending I follow a blog called Turok77
Cassie: ahaha
genericAnomaly: probably because I pollute the Turok tag with Star Truck bullshit
genericAnomaly: this blog is full of anime girls
Cassie: ahahaha
genericAnomaly: One of them appears to be on fire.
genericAnomaly: and there is a distinct lack of burly men punching dinosaurs
Cassie: well don't you know
Cassie: turok stands for "totally under rule of kanimebabes"
genericAnomaly: I can't think of a punchline but I'm gonna post this
Rich Dude: (Enables and encourages and almost certainly personally enacts imperialist bullshit, pays his workers way more poorly than he can easily afford to, maintains poor working conditions and safety precautions in his workplaces because those would cost money to fix, and fucks up the environment with his callous actions because PROFIT)
Rich Dude: (Gives like 10% of the money he has out of several billions to charities that wouldn't need to exist if it weren't for the system he maintains and profits off of)
Rich Dude: Wow I am such a philanthropist I need to have a magazine interview me on all of this charity I'm doing as a Good Rich Guy.


Movie Night is live! Come chill with us and watch Skater Matt and Home Movies, etc.

Actual movies are starting. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/we-bad-movies
#badmovies at irc.esper.net



If you’re still not with us on our cytube channel, we’re now watching Kirby: Right Back at ya!

So far you’ve missed:

  • the introduction of MexiKnight
  • a linereading contest with steam games as rewards for who could say “I’m gonna git dat der Kirby”
  • me remembering the names of Robotnik’s minions from the Sonic cartoon as “Grinder and Scratch”
 - get dat dere kurbi
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remixing text to speech is fun